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[:fr]Nager avec les dauphins sauvages, Kangaroo Island[:en]Swim with wild dolphins, Kangaroo Island[:]

Swimming with wild dolphins on Kangaroo Island

We’re always very sceptical when it comes to booking a tour, especially when wildlife watching is involved. We had some bad experiences in Bali and in Bolivia.
– In Bali, we were in the middle of tens of other boats carrying people shouting each time they spotted a dolphin. The engines were racing to be as close as possible to the animals. We were literally chasing them… It was horrible to see and to be associated with this.
– In Bolivia, we swam with pink dolphins, in murky water infested with piranha and caimans (but that’s an other story). A few tourists from an other group were grabbing the dolphins by the tail and lifting them up… everyone was laughing… including their guide. What a sad moment.
After these upsetting experiences, we decided to stop going on “dolphin tours”.

While preparing our trip, we heard that we could swim with dolphins on Kangaroo Island, but decided straight away that it wasn’t for us. We didn’t want to bother those poor things.
But luckily, for us, some of our friends went to Kangaroo Island a week before we did and loved swimming with those cute marine animals. They only had nice things to say about the tour and how respectful they were with dolphins. They convinced us to go. And… we loved it. Never say never haha.

Before hopping on the boat we said hi to a few pelicans. Their size is actually pretty impressive.

Curious pelican


We hopped on the boat and started the tour with some information about the area around Emu Bay. We went past a group of Cormorant and a sunbathing New Zealand fur sea lion.

Kayak, Australie

I wouldn’t mind going kayaking next time we visit Kangaroo Island

Cormorants, Kangaroo Island