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Our best travel memories

On top of the freedom and happiness you expect from travelling, there are those unexpected and unforgettable moments. Here’s a random list of some of our best trip memories.


– Riding down winding mountain roads, in Peru

– See Rafika help a dancer remove a coconut husk with her teeth, in the Cook Islands

– Go through the Bolaven  plateau on a scooter, in Laos

– Be invited to the Christmas Mass by locals, in Fiji

– Hang the laundry to dry on the bus window, in the Philippines

– Attend to the kava ceremony, in Fiji

– Go through a swarm of hornets in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Encounter bears in the Yellowtsone National Park, in USA

– Discover an incredible amount of animal species, in Costa Rica

– Fight the elements hiking the “W” in Torres del Paine, Patagonia

– Admire the Iguazu falls on both sides of the border, in Brazil and Argentina

– Discover Bagan and it’s 4,400 temples by bike, in Myanmar

– Wander in the immensity of the Uyuni flats, in Bolivia

– Discover “Gangnam Style” thanks to our guide… in Myanmar

– Attend to the most beautiful sunset, in the 4,000 islands in Laos

– Discover how nice and generous the Filipinos are

– Sleep in a tent and get awaken by tourists shouting “Watch out snake” in Airlie Beach, Australia

– Land in Las Vegas after 5 months in South America. What a change!

– See monks with iPhones and iPads in Thailand, 3 years before we even get our first smartphones

– Wander in Santorini streets and fall in love with Greece

– Get a beautiful bungalow with private pool in Bali

– Learn Spanish with locals throughout South America

– Find monks in their traditional outfit using Facebook and playing video games, in Myanmar

– Hear wolves howl, from our tent, in our sleeping bags, in Yellowstone National Park, USA

– Discover the astonishing desert and beaches of La Guajira, with Vallenato playing loudly in the 4×4, in Colombia

– Ride down the Huacachina Dunes with sandboards, in Peru

– Watch the sun go down in Machu Picchu once the crowd is gone and enjoy that mystical moment, in Peru

– Experience the different styles of haggling: smiling in Bali and shouting in Vietnam

– Examine every centimetre of a path to find a venomous viper, in Costa Rica

– Stop on the roadside to buy some fresh fruits, in Thailand

– Meet the Lahu community and see their face illuminate as they watch a video on a phone, in Laos

– Meet the same fellow travellers again in several countries and share our stories since our last catch up

– Walk in the rice terraces of Banaue, in the Philippines

– Buy a last minute ticket on sale to go to Hawaii on an impulse

– Stargazing from our swag in the Australian desert

– Going through traditional villages, far from everything, in Myanmar

– Knocking at hotel doors at 3am as we arrive in Bagan, on a horse cart, in Myanmar

– Observing the beautiful King penguins, in Chile

– Laugh with locals while mimicking a chicken, cow or pig to communicate with them

In the sea 

– Swim with wild dolphins, on Kangaroo Island, in Australia

– Swim nervously with reef sharks, in the Cook Islands

– Do my first discovery dive in Bali

– Swim with colourful fish and in the middle of beautiful coral in the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia

– Feed dolphins in Australia

– Swim with whale sharks on the west coast of Australia

– Be in the middle of thousands of stingless jellyfish in the Kakaban lake, on the Derawan islands

– Go down the Amazon river and swimming with pink dolphins, in the middle of caimans, as our guide fishes piranhas from the boat, in Bolivia

– Swim with turtles in a lagoon in New Caledonia

In the skies

– Skydiving over the Wollongong Bay, in Australia

– Island hopping in a small plane in the Cook islands and landing on a dirt road

– Paragliding amongst birds in Colombia

Last but not least, going back to France after 5 years abroad and 13 months on the road and sharing great moments with our friends as if we had never left.

We had the chance to discover many amazing places in the world. Here's a list of our best travel memories.

Photo by Forrest Cavale/unsplash

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