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7 most secluded and beautiful beaches

I was browsing our picture folder when I rediscovered several beautiful beaches we fell in love with. There are many wonderful beaches around the world but rare are the secluded ones. As we like you, we’d like to share a few of those places. Here are 7 of our favourite beaches away from the crowd. Add them quickly to your bucket list before they change.

  1. Menjengan island, Bali

Taman nasional Bali Barat

Taman nasional Bali Barat

The Menjengan island is located north-west of Bali. It’s a perfect place for snorkelling or diving. You’ll find a wonderful underwater world.

  1. Playa del Pilon, La Guajira, Colombia

Cabo de la vela

Cabo de la Vela, in la Guajira peninsula, is a less visited area. After long hours on a 4×4 on rocky roads, roads bordered by cactuses, and sandy roads, the landscape suddenly changes to give place to a clear blue water surrounded by ochre or white rocks.

  1. Cabo Matapalo, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

costa rica,playa matapalo